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Overclocking A Xp1600+ And 2600+


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OK. On my old rig the NB fan died but it was still able to run with out it with out any overclocking. I have a Thermaltake Volcano 9+ on the CPU right now.


What's a good NB Heatsink/Fan to use to cool it?

What's a decent Heatsink/Fan combo to use to cool my CPU?


I want to overclock it more than I was pushing before but I haven't ever gotten into any serious overclocking.


On a side note..... how do I unlock my CPU? I have the XP1600+ right now but I am going to be buying a 2600+. The 2600+ is the fastest my mobo can handle for this rig at 266mhz. Oh yeah... I will be buying some DDR400 ram for the machine so the ram will be fine with speeds. I am also getting a decent PSU for the rig so it will be stable.


My mobo is the Asus A7V-266E. Does anybody know any flaws or problems I could run into?


Thanks a ton guys. Peace.

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