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How To Join Our S.e.t.i@home Team!


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Seti@home is one of the S.E.T.I. projects that searches for extraterrestrial life. Seti@home allows anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to take part in the search. By using the computer while the owner is away, the Seti@home screensaver is able to search for extraterrestrial signals.


We also come together here and discuss and share different points of view, review particularly interesting WU's that someone may have come across, or answer questions that anyone has (and ask a few ourselves, too, when we're stumped on something).



To participate in the Overclockers Club Seti@home team, complete the following steps:


1. First, you must download and install the Seti@home client from Berkeley. There are currently two types of Seti@home clients. The first one is a screensaver (GUI) client. This client will show all of these cool graphics and spikes of the data that your computer is processing. However, this client is also a lot slower than the other client (commandline). The command-line client is all "text based" and does not have any graphics. However, I use the command-line version because it is much faster at computing data.


Screensaver (GUI) Client Download:



Mac OS X


Command-line Client Download:

Windows, Linux, BSD, AIX, Solaris, and others



2. When you first run Seti@home, the command-line version or the GUI version, it will ask if you are a new user. You should say yes you are, so that you can create a new account so that you can join the OCC team. Pick any username you want, (try to use the same one that you use in the forums) and then also provide your email address.




3. Now that you have an account, you can join our team! Click here and simply enter in your username and password. - Note the link below the fields that say if you don't know your password, click here.




4. Run Seti@home whenever you can! If you go out of town, leave your computer on and running Seti@home. If you go to sleep, leave your computer on and running Seti@home :) You will also get one of those cool looking alien heads beside your name in the forum.




Good luck finding ET!

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