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Sisoft Sandra Benchmarks


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Hi. I have ran some benchmarks and i dont know if this is good or not. I gotten 1580 in memory benchmark. now i also scored 10835 in my cpu arithmatic benchmark. one question i had is what does 74% mean in the results of memory benchmark? is it saying that im only utilizing that much memory or is it just what it used to test? also what can i do to increase my benchmarks? her are my specs


P4-HT 3.0Ghz @ 3.6Ghz on air

Abit Ic7-Max 3 Mobo

1-Gig Dual Channel Kingston Hyperx PC4000

Nvidia Geforce 6600GT

80GB Maxtor + 120GB Ibm Hard Drives

Dual Dvi Samsung 19" LCD Monitors






1.7v cpu

2.6v ram

1.55v agp

3-4-4-8 timings


now i have been stable in both memtest for 4 hours and 24hours in prime. so i am pretty sure that im stable. any suggestions in increasing benchmarks would be appretiated.

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