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It seams almost each day we see something about a new virus or vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This is nothing new, we’ve all known for years that IE is full of security holes, and it seams the more it’s patched the more it leaks.


There are new viruses out now that specifically target IE, and can steal your passwords, credit card information, and other confidential information. The theft of such information can ruin a person’s credit and life.


In fact, things have gotten so bad with IE that governments, corporations, and security firms are urging people to move away from Internet Explorer.


If things weren’t bad enough now, Microsoft plans to integrate Internet Explorer more tightly with the Operating System in future releases.


OverclockersClub.com would like to encourage you to switch from Internet Explorer to an alternate web browser, such as the Mozilla Web Browser, Mozilla Firefox, or even Opera Web Browser. The browsers from Mozilla and Opera are great replacements for IE, and are far more secure. – Yes, security concerns have come up about Opera and Mozilla in the past, but they are usually fixed within days; Microsoft usually takes months.


Sorry folks, I know some of you love browsers such as MyIE2 or Avant Browser, but these just sit on top of IE, and because of that, they are vulnerable as well. You can’t fix the problems by simply hiding it under a mask; it takes a complete switch, and that’s where Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, or even Opera Web Browser come in.


The choice is yours.


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