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Amd Athlon 2100+ Overclocking Help


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I over clocked my Athlon Tbread from 2100+ to 2600+


MSI MS-6570 (probably a piece of .)

Pc 2100 Legacy !? (Some generic brand)

133fsb 16x mult @ 1.552 = 2130mhz

41c idle 48c full load on stock heatsink, 5000rpm fan

Had the computer on 7 days straight no crashes or anything @2600+



Question is if I buy pc3200 (yes my mobo supports it) ram would I be able to raise the fsb without doing causing my cpu any harm? It's rated at 266fsb so I'm a little scared. My mobo only allows me to do 100, 133, 166 fsb.. so I cant pick anything in between. Will picking 166fsb be a smart idea?



Any info will be appreciated

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