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P3 Or P2 Not Sure :-\ Slot A W/board


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Selling a P2 Or P3 Processor Slot A i think P3 i duno 450mhz W/ Motherboard, has ITX PCI and AGP 3 Ram Slots Takes SD-RAM has a 64Mb Stick in it, Removed from a Gateway. Overclocks to 500Mhz could more with a FSB Overclocking Util in Windows and a 200 watt powersupply and comes with a sound card.


Make an offer, just laying around works perfect - had it set up inside a milk box




Celeron 1.7Ghz W/Heatsink With MSI i845G Motherboard W/ AC-97 Sound and 10\100 Nic Card, 3 DDR Slot Up to DDR400, 6 PCI, 4X AGP Pro, Latest Bios Update Which Suports HT and 800FPS With O/C, Runs Good, In Near to Perfect Condition


Interested Pm me or Email me @


[email protected] or IM me on Aol Messenger = bigd25x

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