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I just realized after I ordered my new computer parts that I forgot to check one small detail.


I got a DFI Infinity Nforce2 ultra board, and a Aerocool DP-102 superconductor heatsink.


Question is, does this gigantic cooler even fit on that mobo? I am afraid that the caps next to the socket will get in the way of the fans and/or base of the sink.


The rest of the system includes:


2600+ Mobile Barton

ATI 9800pro

512 mb Kingmax PC3500

Allied TRUE 450 psu

Mitsubishi 19" Diamondtron


Lite-On burner

Lite-On reader

Powmax Black acrylic case

Maxtor 80gb SATA hard drive


All for just over $1000, shipped to my door.


I can't wait till next Wednesday!


Oh yeah, any help on my origional question would be awesome! ;)

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