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Remote desktop random failure with Sonicwall VPN

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I have had this happen with 2 different customers lately and haven't really come up with a solution.

The user connects to a Sonicwall GVC VPN successfully, but then cannot ping or RDP to their office PC. So they end up calling me and I check it from my home office and with the exact same settings, I can connect fine. We go through the whole process of re-booting everything from their PC to their ISP modem to the office router, and nothing fixes it. Then the next day, having made no changes, it starts working again. I suspect something fishy with the IP routing. On the one I was working on just now, from the remote PC, I can ping the office gateway, but cannot ping the office PC. I had one guy who had both a laptop and a desktop at his house. The laptop was wireless and would work at the same time the wired desktop would not, even though they were on the same subnet. FWIW, I have seen this happen on both ATT and Charter/Spectrum home internet connections.

Anybody else ever run into this? Thanks for any wisdom you may want to send my way.

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