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OCC Needs Reviewers!

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We're hiring once more here at OverclockersClub, and as we have some openings for new Reviewers. If you want to help out your favorite tech site, here's your chance. There are some requirements for being a Reviewer, like how you need to be in the United States and have at least a 10th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 5000 system. At least a 23", 1920x1080 monitor is required too, however having three (or more) isn't necessary. Being a Reviewer also requires a certain time committment, as some products can be rather in-depth and time consuming.

If you meet those requirements, send an email to Bosco and he'll take it from there. Applying can't hurt, so be sure to let Bosco know your interest!

Thank you and best of luck to all potential applicants!

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