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rx 570 4gb or rx470 8gb

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i buy xfx 470 8gb but have problem with pci x16,this card with gpu-z i view only x8.0 3 not x16? is damaged?with onld gtx 750 the g=puz i view normal x16 3.0... update:(

i view the problem when i clean pci-e mising two little pieces up to pins view
and the videocard have two bios first bios 1226 with 1750 and next bios is: 1180 with memory 1950
but i think have damaged videocard


And i view another problem but i not know is from videocard or gpu-z
i play gta 5 and metro exodus with all to maxim and i view the graphic memory used and is up to 3742 not to middle and gpu-z tell me have 8192 mb and the videocard sticker.
is another problem with this ?or gpu-z?
is posible to put(sales man) bios from xfx 8gb to xfx 4gb to lie ?




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