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  1. @ir_cow hello again and thank you!i have new question,bizare question... my pc: Cpu i5 3570,motherboard 1155 h61,8 ram ddr3,:asus strix rx 470 with 8vram,power supply: fsp hexa 85+ 650w. The video card has the default frequencies = 1250 Gpu and 1650 Vram, I have the same score in benchmark, but also in games (in the same area) and if I put underclock at 1200mhz and if I put overclock at 1435mhz ... What I noticed: If I increase the frequency, the Gpu lowers my fps. If make undervolt (default frequency), my fps will increase slightly. the temperature does not exceed 70C What do you think it could be?
  2. @ir_cow if you know...i have 3 fan pwm(with 4 pin),the fan is brand different, with rpm different,work if sharing if put two or tre?
  3. @ir_cow yes,now i read in many sites little modification=code 43,thank you!
  4. Hello guys, i want to modified bios(RX 470) with Polaris bios editor ""only value fan + gpu clock"",but i read in many sites Windows not know modified singnature...after flash bios every time need to use (when instaled new driver)Pixel Clock Patcher,Without patch your card will have error 43 So is a way to not have this error with bios modified?or only this error is from UEFI i have OS instaled in legacy mod?
  5. i buy xfx 470 8gb but have problem with pci x16,this card with gpu-z i view only x8.0 3 not x16? is damaged?with onld gtx 750 the g=puz i view normal x16 3.0... update:( i view the problem when i clean pci-e mising two little pieces up to pins view and the videocard have two bios first bios 1226 with 1750 and next bios is: 1180 with memory 1950 but i think have damaged videocard update And i view another problem but i not know is from videocard or gpu-z i play gta 5 and metro exodus with all to maxim and i view the graphic memory used and is up to 3742 not to middle and gpu-z tell me have 8192 mb and the videocard sticker. is another problem with this ?or gpu-z? is posible to put(sales man) bios from xfx 8gb to xfx 4gb to lie ? update i have money back and i stey to blakfriday to view new deals...
  6. ir_cow i read atiflash tutorial from youtub, but i read new version atiflash work in windows 10 and good command for flash is from CMD, i have windows 7 x64, you have flash videocard RX in windows 7 ? i talk with shop sales second-hand and tell me graphic card from his is for buyback,what is buypack if you know?is from mining?the guy tell me is not from mining...
  7. @ir_cow i like you answer, i like honest person.So buy RX is same lottery... if i decide to buy rx 470 8gb tell me how you make flash? because i read and new atiflash not work in dos(in old time atiflash good for flash in dos)you know...So you know new way to flash RX in dos? i use windows 7 x64
  8. @ir_cow many people use rx for mining and is hard to detect because after use for mining they put back original bios,but if buy rx 470 8gb from mining is acceptable or very bad for desktop-gamind,so fiability in time?
  9. ir_cow i like you you honest men! in this case i want to buy to person S-H in my city to no have problem...so if the person have for example graphic card with bios modification(lies to me)-Mining,how to test to view is normal or modification bios,simply put in to PC and after start graphics card black screen or artefact means is bios -modification?how view the true?
  10. @ir_cow i want to buy second-hand RX 470 8GB how i view to not be mining card with bios modification? or make the test with person X to my house-PC? in mining is modification only frequency gpu and vram?
  11. Hello all,i have: i5 3570(3400mhz-bost 3800mhz),ddr3 8gb ram,msi,1155 chipset h61.sursa:FSP HEXA85+ 650w and i found with same price rx 570 4gb and rx 470 8gb,i read rx 570 is over rx 470 with 10% performance, but which is good chose rx 570 with 4 gb or rx 470 with 8 gb? and make bootle neck with my specs?
  12. Hi boys,i have LGA-1155,gtx 750,i5-3570... When play game or only GPU stress with msi kombustor or furmark(only 10 minutes) my CPU up rpm cooler 2000rpm to over 2500rmp (with cpu only max usage 50% temp cpu~56C) But when use only Intel burn test or Prime 95(without Gpu) temp CPU over 75C and cpu cooler only 2000rpm!! i view bios and cpu fan is auto 2000rpm,if put 100% fan is idem 2000rpm,rpm fan CPU up only use GPU! this problem is not normal this is bug bios?
  13. yes i view TN is ugly color i have old crt samsung syncmaster and friend's have TN is very ugly .TN pass. yes i read you link but is confused.ips more color but no contrast,va good contrast but no more colors...and more... which is good balance for game and movie VA or IPS?ask comunity who test both monitors.
  14. hi all and i happy to write again to this sites...(sory bad english) i want to buy monitor 21,5inch(60hz cheap model) i view many models va and ips with 4 and 5ms. the monitor i want to use for gaming, movie and read text .the price is same va vs. ips. who is good chose?
  15. just today i have obtained new motherboard bios from technic team MSI . but in zip folder is only one file(new bios)without Flash utility mention: in foretime when i update msi bios and download zip bios from site in folder is two file bios and AFUDE238(flash utility) i have two question: 1.work update bios with one file without flash utility via bios tab flash stick m-flash? 2.is good to put old flash utility from msi + new bios and flash metod M-FLASH(STICK USB)?
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