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Neverwinter: Uprising Q&A Stream


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With Mod 17 just launching on the Preview Test Server, Neverwinter developers took player submission and streamed the answers on Twitch. The developers covered topics about the upcoming mod, which launches August 13, 2019. This is more like a “B Module,” which means it’s focused on expanding the content from the previous mod, including an Epic Trial. It’s mostly quality of life updates, like a new PVP map, fashion overhaul, and new race.

There will NOT be a free reroll token for the new race. The devs want us players to start a new character and see all the changes to the opening quests. It’s expected, but it’s still a bummer. However, the Promissory Notes from the River District will be redeemable soon, so hold onto them! I just hope they don’t give us something stupid, like AD coupons or a bit of copper. 

Julia said that the new fashion system was a little complex, but I disagree. It’s pretty straight forward. Some people struggle learning new systems, so I understand it being a problem for some. Overall though, it’s pretty intuitive. And the best news? We can dye our weapons!

August 29th is the next Tales of Old event. The dungeon will be Dreadvault! I personally have never run it before, but a lot of excitement seems to be buzzing from the long-time players. 

The new Epic Trial will be the Tower of the Mad Mage. This trial is supposed to be very difficult; expect to die. Technically it is possible to beat the trial without anyone dying, but it’s no easy task. I’m okay with that. Dying is a part of life. 

The Stream obviously has more stuff included, but these are the highlights. Overall it seems like a decent mod. They aren’t changing too much, so hopefully there won’t be too many bugs on launch. Happy hunting!

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