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Linux Driver Reveals New AMD Navi GPUs Are in the Pipeline


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AMD has only announced the RX 5700 XT, 5700, and the 50th Anniversary Edition of the former so far. We do expect to see more models arriving shortly, and we did recently find a small hint at more models coming soon, a Twitter user by the name of "APISAK" noted some updated driver code inside a Linux display driver update with the following lines:


NV_NAVI10_P_A0      = 1,

NV_NAVI12_P_A0      = 10,

NV_NAVI14_M_A0      = 20,

NV_NAVI21_P_A0      = 40,

NV_NAVI10_LITE_P_A0 = 0x80,

NV_NAVI10_LITE_P_B0 = 0x81,

NV_NAVI12_LITE_P_A0 = 0x82,

NV_NAVI21_LITE_P_A0 = 0x90,


What these lines mean is not 100% known yet, however, this does hint at additional cards being released in the future. AMD has been aggressive about moving over to 7nm based GPUs and to only release three new cards would be silly on AMD’s part. All we can do now is wait and see what exactly AMD will release, but this "leak" does show promise to future releases of new and better cards.


Source: PCGamer.com

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