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Exactis Breach Potentially Exposed 340 Million People


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Vunny Troia, a data broker in Palm Coast, was the researcher behind this discovery. He found the breach in Exactis’s 2TB database, which contains the details of 230 million consumers and 110 million business contacts. It’s not clear how long it was exposed. If anyone did exploit the breach though, they would have access to all kinds of information, including people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, number of kids, education, income, credit score, and personal interests. 

"I looked up a bunch of my friends and the data was all pretty accurate. This is more information that other people can use to create scams or do fraudulent activities," said Troia. 

This breach is enormous! I hope my information isn’t in there. I’m also concerned about the ethics of these companies’ existence. Consumer research is one thing, but some random company selling my credit score isn’t exactly my vision of privacy. Hopefully this breach will lead to the end of these kinds of companies, though I’m not getting my hopes up. 

Source: The Inquirer

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