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G.SKILL Launching Trident Z RGB RAM for AMD Systems in October


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If you are looking to build a new computer using an AMD Ryzen CPU, G.SKILL is launching new RAM kits targeting the Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper platforms. These new kits are versions of the Trident Z RGB kits with enhanced compatibility for AMD's latest consumer platforms and come in 2, 4, and 8 module kits.

For the dual-channel Ryzen platform you can get a 2x8 GB RAM kit tested at 3200 MHz, CL14 or 2400 MHz, CL15, with the latter also available in a 2x16 GB kit. If you want more RAM than that, or are using a Threadripper CPU with quad-channel support, there are 4x8 GB and 4x16 GB kits at that same 2400 MHz, CL15 speed. Just targeting Threadripper though are the 8x8 GB and 8x16 GB 2400 MHz, CL15, 8x8 GB and 8x16 GB 2933 MHz with CL14 or CL16, and the 3200 MHz, CL14 4x8 GB kits.

These kits are differentiated from the original Trident X RGB kits that target Intel platforms, you can look for the X at the end of the model numbers. These new AMD-targeting models will be available in October.

Source: G.SKILL


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