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Thermaltake Unveils Core W100 and WP100 Cases


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Hot off the heels of the earlier announced Core X71 and Core X31 cases come the Core W100 and WP100 from Thermaltake. These two cases feature a fully dismantable modular design; everything you see in the case can be taken apart and reassembled however you wish for a custom build all your own. It's also a pretty good learning experience in just how your new case goes together. The Core W100 is something Thermaltake calls a super tower case, as it's a massive 26.7" x 12.2" x 26.7" behemoth. Inside it can fit more hard drives than most consumers know what to do with, as up to 10 are possible. Water cooling support is pretty high with the W100, as a 280mm radiator can be installed in the bottom, a 120 or 140mm rad in the rear, up to a 420mm rad in the front, and up to a massive 600mm rad at the top. For those on air, it's quite extensive, too, as three 120/140mm fans can fit up front, four in the top, one each in the rear, three in the bottom, and 12 on the left and right sides. If those aren't big enough, up to three 200mm fans fit in the top and six each on either side.

The W100 can stack with the P100 pedastal case to morph into the WP100, which lets you house more water cooling gear (the sides can hold anything from a 120mm rad to a 560mm rad), pure storage heaven that bumps the 10 HDD/SSD count to 20, or even dual systems. Internal clearance is quite high in the case, as 200mm is possible for the CPU cooler height, 470mm long video cards can fit inside with the HDD rack (635mm without), and a PSU up to 180mm with three bottom fans or 220mm with two bottom fans. Four USB 3.0 ports and audio in/out adorn the front I/O panel, as do three external 5.25" bays. Motherboard support ranges from XL-ATX all the way down to Mini-ITX, with even the SSI MEB server motherboards a possibility. Magnetic dust filters adorn the sides and top to help keep particles out and for easy cleaning.

Thermaltake bills the W100 and WP100 cases as the ultimate DIY builds (plus server and workstation), and it's pretty easy to see why. Both cases arrive at the end of February, with the W100 setting you back $329.99 and the WP100 $439.99.

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