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When Batman: Arkham Knight Reappears, NVIDIA Believes Gamers Will Be 'Delighted'


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Batman: Arkham Knight has faced more than its share of issues on the PC, as Warner Bros. ended up pulling it from storefronts in order to try and deliver something playable. After some work, Batman: Arkham Knight is slated to reappear sometime in August, and according to an NVIDIA engineer, it will be quite stunning. NVIDIA engineer Tom Petersen stated the reworked title will be a "quality game" and people will be "delighted" once it appears again to buy on Steam. Petersen also said the improvements won't just benefit GeForce owners, but all PC gamers who have been having issues. Some things are on NVIDIA's end, like drivers, while others are to the game itself, so hopefully this pans out whenever the patch goes out. Everything from the 30FPS cap to weather effects, low resolution textures, hard drive streaming, more graphical options, and beyond are expected to arrive, which will be more than welcomed.

We still don't know when this will all appear in Batman: Arkham Knight and when it can be purchased again, but hopefully we get some clarification during Gamescom next week.

Source: WCCFtech

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