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Early DirectX 12 3DMark Numbers are Favorable for R9 290X versus GTX 9


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DirectX 12 will be the way to go on Windows 10, and it should offer plenty of improvements over DirectX 11, at least according to early reports. AMD has another piece of news concerning DirectX 12, and it is one that may shock and impress. In a DirectX 12-enabled version of 3DMark and with the newest AMD drivers, the AMD Radeon R9 290X narrowly beats out the NVIDIA Titan X when comparing the draw calls (a request from the CPU and game engine to draw and render an object) done by the API. Those numbers also match up when looking at DirectX 11 and Mantle performance, so it looks like AMD has a winner on its hands with the newest drivers.

When the test is switched to the next highest in NVIDIA's lineup, the R9 290X outperforms the NVIDIA GTX 980 by an even bigger margin in DirectX 12. Under DirectX 11, the tests are not as favorable for AMD, so it seems the company's newest driver is ideal for boosting DX12 performance. One interesting thing to note is how DirectX 12 scales well up to six cores in a processor, but beyond that there is not much of a gain. If Hyper Threading is enabled, performance is actually a little lower than with it off. So if you have a processor with over six cores/threads, right now it looks like high-end quad-core and six-core CPUs offer the best results.

What is important to remember about these tests is they are synthetic results and are not always indicative of real world performance. AMD looks to have a winner on its hands with DirectX 12 and the latest drivers in benchmarks, but things are still early, and we still do not have any DX12 games. Once we do, it will be interesting to see how the numbers stack up.

Source: PCWorld and PC Perspective via WCCFTech


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