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An Early Look Appears for AMD's Roadmaps from 2015 to 2020


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AMD was recently at the PC Cluster Constorium in Osaka, Japan, and revealed its CPU, APU, and GPU roadmap for the next five years. It is a rather nice look at what exactly AMD has in store, and while the pictures aren't of the greatest quality, it does provide a look into what the company has up its sleeves. A pair of CPUs has been planned to arrive early next year, with Zen being an x86 64-bit part, and the K12 a 64-bit ARMv8 part. Both products will be 14nm FinFET CPUs aimed at the server, embedded, semi-custom, and client markets.

The interesting thing about these two products is how they'll support "many threads," which should mean AMD is adding in simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) instead of clustered multi-threading (CMT) like on the Bulldozer line. SMT essentially allows for one fast thread and one slower thread, while CMT allows for two equally fast threads. For single-thread applications, SMT is the way to go, while CMT is best for mutli-threaded apps. With the new CPUs apparently supporting many threads, maybe AMD is using SMT to support more than just that one extra thread, which could put it above Intel.

On the GPU side, it sadly does not cover the discrete cards, but rather how the GPUs will be updated in the APUs. AMD is planning to update its GPU architecture in the APUs every two years, so don't freak out by that because it does mean a new discrete card line will launch every two years; this is strictly for APUs. Arriving in 2017 will be something called a High Performance Computing APU, or HPC as seen on the roadmap. The HPC APUs will evidently have a TDP between 200 and 300 watts, which definitely puts them up there in terms of powerful CPUs. A high-powered APU was not attempted before due to memory limitations, but with the likes of stacked High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), like expected on the company's upcoming graphics cards, an HPC APU is certainly possible.

Roadmaps with greater detail should be coming in May during AMD's Financial Analyst Day event, so keep it tuned for that.

Source: WCCFTech


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