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[WTS] Raidmax samurai case


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I was given this case a few years back, and have never used it. I'm going through the basement and cleaning out a few things. There wasn't really anything worth saving in the case, but the case itself isnt bad. Its a Raidmax Samurai 908 case. I'ts seen some wear and tear as evident by the scratches and buff marks, but is still in sound shape and looks pretty good.


known issues:

case door doesnt latch

one of the "eye" pieces broke off, but I fixed it with tape and you can't really tell

scratches and dings

part of the HDD cage was cut out on the bottom

only 1 case fan



2 front mount USB + Mic & speaker ports

tool-less drive bays

tool-less pci card clips

looks cool


I'm asking $50 OBO + Shipping


2011-12-07 15.39.47.jpg

2011-12-07 15.40.06.jpg

2011-12-07 15.40.44.jpg

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