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Nes Emu On Pocket Pc?


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Hi ppl, I just got a pocket PC as a gift and I'm really bored with this thing. it's cool for an address book and a day planer but other than that the thing is pretty useless.


I figured I'd post a few questions here before I get on the Google.


is there a NES emulator for pocket PC? SNES? Game Boy? Anything?!


where can I get an MPEG codec for it? DivX?


Where is the bitmap file for the background? is it safe to mod it?


any links to anything fun to do with a pocket PC would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading guys.


*cant double post so I'll edit....


found this http://www.retrogames.com/pocketpc.html - lots of emus for the pocket PC... will post more as I find it.

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