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customizing my case window to look good and be functional

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so i am thinking about modding my case window buy getting a new plexi glass sheet and cutting to fit smaller fans than the one that i have this is my case currently http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...3-010-_-Product you can see that it has one giant butt and in the side of the computer which i want gone. it creates ok airflow. But this fan is simply to large and limits my options of cpu cooler cause it sticks out about and inch and a half inside the case right were my cpu cooler would be. so my main question is what would be the best way and the best places to place fans and which direction should i have them blowing. i know this process is very delicate for good air flow. also i need good fan sugestions i dont want a jet engine but i want it to really move the air around with no stagnant pockets in my case. also i would like it to look pretty so have fun with guys and describe to me or show me what you did to your case. thank guys

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First of all, I use this fan: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835200049 it has a nice high (~70 CFM) airflow, but only makes a nice soft hum.


Next, try to place the fan in the upper right area of the motherboard, blowing in. It will be right over the memory, northbridge, and CPU (the hottest components). Also, since air will be leaving through the PSU, it allows this heat to leave the case almost instantly. PLUS it creates a higher pressure where the front fan fails to reach, so the air is spread throughout the case.


Just remember three other things: put a small fan taking air out the back next to the I/O ports, add some fan filters (even cheap or weak ones), and keep the air intake slightly more than output. This keeps the internal pressure high (and therefore greatly reduces dust), yet keeps the cooling efficiency high (perfectly equal pressure is most effective in cooling, but is difficult to achieve and allows dust to easily collect).


Happy cooling!

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