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Good CoD4 servers for adults that just wanna have fun?


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Does anyone know of any good CoD4 servers with a good crowd where people can actually have fun? Since I stopped playing competetively a few years ago I've gotten worse and worse and anymore I must admit I don't care as much about winning ( though it's still nice ) so much as having fun.


There are still Unreal servers ( the orig not UT : ) where mostly people my age and older play and all we do is have fun often breaking it into a chat room with guns where we're all too happy not to frag someone who is being yelled at by his wife until he gets back from being AFK :) I just want to find a CoD4 server like this.


Anyone know of any good, clean and fun servers where people actually obey the rules and don't pull noob pranks and aren't there solely to win and pick on people who suck anymore?

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