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Asus 940pin socket AM2.

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I have been playng with 'puters since the days of the 8086. Have not kept up on topic lately due to other responsibilities. Anywho, my system has run pretty much 24/7/365 for almost 4yrs. Just OC'd a

bit and left her be other than updates regularly. So funds are low and there is some cheap speed to be had. My research tells me go with the 6000+; see what I can get out of it and continue to be happy. Due to the fact that on the fine print the original AM2 with a 590sli (MCP55) wil not enable anything life changing as it does not support 1.1 whose features have been integrated I to the new CPU's.


I am a definate believer of: "No replacement for displacement". The 6000+ (not very overclockable but fast at 3.2) was built for this series platform, it was a HUGE deal when it came out. So I could easily be missing something, but I don't really see the advantage unless you want the speed and to spend money. Why not buy a new mobo too? So I an curious as to anyones opinion or anything else you wish to enlighten me with.


Be much appreciated if somebody in the know could enlighten me on the real deal

Thank You!!!





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