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X3360 Oc Suddenly Not Stable

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Specs in sig. About a month ago I tried that GTL trick to set it to .863v, etc. And it helped me get over 3.25 to like 3.35 at the same low voltages. Well about a week ago I got two BSODs within two days when folding. So I dropped the speed once again to 3.30 and now today I couldn't even soft boot after a restart the PC just sat there. Did the ref voltage setting screw something up? I don't run insane volts on either my cpu or my ram sooo I dunno what the heck is up. Ideas? That last time I saw this slow degrade of a stable OC was when my 680i chipset slowly died as happened to a few (MANY!) people!


EDIT: Just noticed something weird. I am forced to flip the PS switch in the back for a few seconds to off then back to on and when I press the front power button it'll actually continue the soft boot ie no CPU speed specs, etc.! what the heck! Mobo?

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