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[WTB] Cheap Computer W/out Monitor


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Hi all, I have not posted in a long time but I am back and hope to be here more.


First off, I am looking for a cheap system formy daughter, her computer just died (smoke and all) and being on Walmart income I need a cheap system.


I am looking for a dual core system, with video (on board is ok but upgradeable via a slot) and I the full basics, case, ps, cpu, mobo, mem, and a hd with os on it. Would like xp or vista.


I have heat under william488

I also have 200 all positive feedback on ebay same user name

I have sold and bought on here but its been a long time.

I can pay via paypal.




I am looking at keeping it under 300.00 shipped.


please pm or post here, I will check in the am, and when I get off work. Thanks

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