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Overclocking Evga Gtx 260


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hi everyone, I'm really new to this overclocking concept.


here are my specs.


XPS 630i

Nvidia 650i MoBo

E8400 @3.0Ghz 1333FSB

6G of ram @667Mhz

2 fans ( not sure wat type )

power supply: 750w

Video card: EVGA GTX 260 ( regular one, not FTW or SC )

19" dell monitor.


I just replaced my 9800GT for the GTX 260 today.

When I run it on "very high" on everything and anti x 4 settings on Crysis, i only get 15-20 fps...

I feel like I really need to OC my card,,,, but I've heard that there are some specific ways to make it stable.


my core clock : 576Mhz

shader clock : 1242Mhz

memo clock : 999Mhz

fan speed is boosted from 40 to 65 manually.


so guys, can u give me a stable number for those 3 components?

I tried 666Mhz core, 1407Mhz shader, 1107Mhz memo, with 90 percent fan speed but the temp jumped near 70 degrees celci. >.>....


any suggestion with stable overclocking numbers?


by the way is my cpu still ok for crysis? or do i neccessarily need to overclock it?


I deeply appreciate any replies given. thank you.

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