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Cosmos S And Rear Venting Power Supply


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I may have made another mistake on my purchase list for the build I'm doing. I got the PC Power & Cooling silencer 750. The Cosmos S has the power supply mounted on the bottom of the case with a filter covered hole on the bottom to match up with the power supply fan to pull air from below the case. The P&C supply has a fan on the rear instead of the top or bottom, and venting on the "top" of the unit.


I'm wondering if there are any opinions out there on which option I should go with:


Mount the P&C Silencer so that the vent points down and lines up with the Cosmos fan vent on the bottom.

Mount the P&C Silencer so that the vent points up and vents into the case.

Return the supply to get one that has a fan that would match with the Cosmos vent.


Here is the complete part list:


CPU Q9550 Quad-Core

Motherboard Asus P5E Delux

Memory G.Skill 2x2GB (time two)

PowerColor HD4850

Case Cooler Master Cosmos S (seems that this keeps the drives cooler than the regular Cosmos)

Cooling Thermalright Ultra-120 extreme

Cooling Fan Scythe S-Flex SFF21F*

Powersupply PC Power Silencer 750 Quad 750W

Harddrives--System Seagate 7200.11 750MB

Harddrives--PS Scratch WD Caviar 160GB

Hardrives--Data Seagate 7200.11 1TB

Optical Drives Samsung SHS203B

OS Vista 64-Bit Premium SP1

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