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SLI bus running at 8x ?

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Good day


I have spent hours trying to find out what the proper bus speed should be when running SLI


I have an LP UT nF4 Ultra D board that I did the SLI mod to, 2 - XFX 256mb 7600GT video cards, & the SLI bridge installed. I installed 163.75 ForceWare drivers from nVidia's site. I have changed the jumpers to the correct position on the motherboard, all at 2&3 pins.


After reinstalling Windows it is all working, both cards are being seen and windows said that SLI is properly setup, but when I went to the nVidia control panel it said that the SLI bus was 8X.


I thought that it was supposed to be 16x


Am I wrong?


Thanks for your time and knowledge




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top PCI-E slot, one card only>16x


bottom PCI-E slot, one card only>2x or 8x, depending on jumper


both slots used in SLI, both will be 8x each


even @8x, doubtful the PCI-E bus comes close to saturation.....



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