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New System build

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Ok here is the deal, i know this is a ATI chipset support forum


I intend on building this machine with this CPU:




I cant decide on what Mobo to get from this batch, but i Intend on using a ATI RV670 Graphic cards that are coming soon in November. My buddy was suggesting a Crossfire Motherboard, but deal is im looking to overclock that above CPU to 3.2GHz which people are doing as posted on that above link, and i dont see any good Crossfire Motherboards for that.


Here were my original Choices:












If yall can find a Crossfire Equilvalent to the above boards that are excellent overclockers, please tell me and also provide reviews for them.

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Guest element

The DFI-Sli unit is the best bet for the older am2.

A friend has it for his 6000+ it's fantastically quick mobo. Almost as quick as my IP-35PRO when I have my 2140 at 3.2.


I say this because Crossfire still is immature. Unless you intend on gaming above 1600 x 1200 multi gpu is unneeded IMHO.


If you want/ need a multi gpu solution sli is the way to go.

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