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UPDATED ON 4-14-07



HARD DRIVE: 160GB+ (x2) & 400GB+ (1x) Western Digital or Seagate only please (Prefer WD1600YS if at all possible, must of course be well below newegg prices)

DDR500 / DDR550 Memory - OCZ / Mushkin / Corsair

19"+ LCD Monitor with DVI input 8ms or less response time.

Cheap Computer Chair for the wifey




Looking to sell some stuff. All items prices SHIPPED unless specified. Most items are OBO as well. Please PM me all offers as its easier to check pms! Thank you!


Heres the details.



AMD - A64 - Athlon 64 - 3500+ VENICE (939) RETAIL

I was able to OC to 2.6 stable on air. LBBWE 0607DPMW (LBBWE0607DPMW)

I still have the retail heatsink and serial number certificate

asking for $55




Western Digital - 15 GB Hard Drive - PATA / EIDE - 5400 RPM

Formats to 14.32 GB (I formatted to FAT32 to make it plug and play when you get it)

Makes a great external harddrive or a nice boot drive for a spare computer

asking for $15



Maxtor - 27 GB Hard Drive - PATA / EIDE - 5400RPM

Formats to 25.xx GB (I formatted to FAT32 to make it plug and play when you get it)

Makes a great external harddrive or a nice boot drive for a spare computer

asking for $20



IBM Thinkpad T series Floppy Drive 1.44 Floppy Drive (made by Sony)

P/N: 08K9605

Suitable for the following Thinkpads:


T20, T21, T22, T23, T30

A21E, A22E, A30, A30P, R30, THINKPAD DOCK #263110U, X SERIES 440


Interchangable FRU/ASM Part Numbers: 08K9605, 08K9607, 05K9206, 08K9604, 08K9606, 05K9204, 05K9206, 05K9205, 05K9207, 08K9760, 08K9607



asking for $12


SONY USB VAIO Floppy Drive



asking for $20



Belkin - KVM Box

Omniview E series

2-Port KVM Switch




KVM Switch was tested and it is working perfectly. Cover is in great shape. Looks like new. This Switch will allow you to use and cotrol 2 different Computer Environments with the touch of a button. Will include 2 sets of KVM cables to hook up your 2 pcs :)


Purchased for $75 asking for $35




Assorted 4 Fans.

3 -- 80x80mm

1 - Slot Cooler



$15 SHIPPED for all of them






DJ CD Player


American Audio PSX




Current Does not work properly. Will power on. Will read a disk for about 30 minutes, then will stop. Suspect its overheating. Bought for $250, taking offers for $50


Home Audio


Technics Receiver:

Used Receiver. Internal amp does not work. Has radio antenna, tape inputs (rec and monitor), aux, and phono inputs as well. Was used at an old radio station a couple years ago. $25 OBO LOCAL PICK UP ONLY







Items that are GONE!


PNY GeForce FX 5700 Ultra 128mb AGP Video Card - Pretty standard stuff - I'll be sure to include the latest Nvidia drivers along with the coolbits file for OC'ing. I OC'd the card up about 10% for most of the time the card and its been stable. Runs BF2 and Unreal 2004 at good frame rates / details. BF2142 / Supreme Commander is a bit too much for this card. Purchased for $100 back 2 years ago, selling for TRADED TO A FRIEND


ASRock 939Dual-VSTA Motherboard

Socket 939 for AMD Athlon™ 64FX / 64X2 / 64 Processors

Supports FSB 1000MHz (2.0GT/s), Hyper-Transport Technology and AMD Cool 'n' Quiet Technology




Overall, for a cheap-ish motherboard, it was able to OC my 3500+ to 2.6 w/o much issue. Purchased from newegg back in august for $75, selling for SOLD to joeframbach on Hard



Enermax Noise Taker 1 - 470 watts (Dual 12v rails) Has p4 connector and extra 4 pin molex connector for video cards. Only 16 and 15 amps on the dual 12v rails though, but have used it to run 5 hard drives, 2 dvd drives, the video card below and a AMD 3500+. I recently wrapped all the wires in black electrical tape to bind them all together and keep a cleaner look. I will also include a 20>24 pin connector since I will not need it.

Purchased for $90 from newegg 2 years ago, selling for SOLD locally


I have ebay / heat feedback as well.

ebay: lorbid

heat: djgizmo

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