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RAM setting relates to HTT on expert??

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hi guz..


I keep testing my new expert mobo and opty 165 these days and found some problems about ram setting which may be affected by HTT.


if I fully tested the ram on one particular setting like Drive Strength level 07, Data Drive Strength level 02 etc when HTT and RAM both in 250MHZ and no error found. Do those ram setting need to be changed when HTT increase even the RAM itself not over 250MHZ?


What I mean is if I can assume that as long as the RAM is not over 250MHZ, those setting which have been tested on 250MHZ will not affect the OC result not matter what HTT is?


Also if the PC is hard lockup or even shut down by itself when running ORTHOS, is it mostly RAM problem? As I know, ORTHOS will report error and the OS still functional if unstable is caused by OC CPU.


Thanks for help

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