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Cold Booting freezing at windows screen solved?

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Ok so i have been playing iwth this thing non stop for the last 5 days since i finally got my phase change and am trying to find the max my system can go so this is wat fixed the problem for me on the first page of the genie bios you can set the drive strength of 3 things to 31 so i did that then i raised all voltages having to do with the motherboard to the next one higher the north bridge core voltage i have set up 2 so its the one bellow the highest i loosened the Max async latency and the read preable to 7.5 and 9 and not this thing run like i always hoped it would so i recomend you guys trying the same and see if it helps you solve your cold boot problems right now im running 295*10 at 1.47 i also have the 2 settings on the first page of genie bios set to strong and fast but i am also runnign over 250 FSB so i dont know if it would matter if you are not. Sorry i cant be mroe specific with the setting if you guys have any questions i will answer them when i get home.

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