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Lite-on SH-16A7S sata drive with nF4

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Hey guys, I been looking up your site for the past year but never had a problem so never signed up...


Anyways, I just installed a lite-on SH-16A7S-05C sata drive and had no problems with reading DVD or CD so far.

I tried to burn a DVD+r today and it just hard froze the drive and nero, but not windows, a full reset was required to open the drive. It got to 3% when it froze and hadnt written anything to the disk.


The drive is detected with no problems on startup and by windows, its listed as working fine in the device manager. After some googling aparently, its incompatable with some nF4 boards.

If anyone has this drive and any suggestions that would be great, i can provide more info if needed, burn logs, driver versions, bios versions etc..


OK i managed to fix this by simply updating to the latest build of nero and installing the latest nF4 chipset drivers, hope this might help anyone else having the same problem.


thanks guys

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