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Upgrade CPU/RAM works then won't boot

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So, way back when Happy_Games was Angry_Games I lurked enough around here to put together my kid's PC for him. This Christmas I was nice enough to upgrade to current Sig; the old CPU/RAM are in the brackets. The original sig system has been run at optimized defaults only for the past 8 months (turns out I was the overclocker, not my son).



1) XMAS day took out the Patriot sticks, put in the OCZs (in the orange slots) changed absolutely nothing in the BIOS and it booted fine, ran fine which shocked me. Left it alone, thinking as long as it works I'll wait until I have time to look up all the right BIOS settings.

2) later the same day, took out the Venice, put in the Opteron, changed nothing in the BIOS, no new drivers or anything in the OS, and it ran fine

Son looks :) , WoW seems snappier, all is good.

3) Yesterday his DVD player makes odd noises, tray won't open, try to reboot, gets stuck at 3 LEDs. Turns off/on, still won't get past 3 LEDs

4) Disconnect both DVD and CDRW drives, still won't boot

5) Take out 1 stick, reboots fine.

6) Diddled a bit with memory settings attempting to match what the OCZs like per forum recommendations, put 2nd stick back in - no go.


So running right now with only 1 OCZ stick, with the original ram settings.


Question1: Is the Modstream PSU stressed from the higher load, and now giving me unstable voltage to the ram? Should that PSU be able to take this load or am i shopping for a new one?

Question2: Can I use the optimized defaults for the upgraded system assuming I just want stable, non-OC'd performance? I heard something about the Opty needing a different multiplier setting?

Question3: I used the ThermalRight paste this time and put the same 'rice-sized' drop on the center of the cpu spreader as i did with the AS5; should I have applied more given the dual-core? (CPU temp is unchanged on the external thermocouple from when it was a Venice)


thx for any help.

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The modd stream will be stressed more do to the dual core CPU.also now you have 2 gigs of Ram. The same size drop of thermal paste is required. Here is the thing when ever you do a cpu and Ram swap your basicaly building a new system and should be treated as such. Windows needs a fresh install. you need the dual core patch. and you need to follow the initial build guide as if it was a first time. Windows only needs to crash and reboot once to start causing instability issues. As far as the power supply you are at it's extreme limit now and I woild expect to see it becaome a problem sooner now than later it's what about 8 months to a year old? Start back at the basics CPU 1 stick Ram video card ps2 key board. follow the guide and do the memtesting. once stable error free then install the Os hard drive and 1 opticsal drive and do a fresh windows install. Since you can get it to boot with 1 stick of ram back up any data you don't want to lose before the fresh install.http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ial+build+guide

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Yup, I knewI was short-cutting (the first time, i printed out the initial-build sticky, did memtests, primes, OC'd a bit and met database stability with it, etc). I expected stability issues, not works fine for a week then stops booting. In fact I told him christmas day, that it wouldn't work but we'll just install it and give it a shot, but expect to spend the whole break tweaking...


I guess I want to be sure that if I go thru all of that again (with my son moaning about how long it takes), that the PSU isn't on the hairy edge of going duff, and wants different settings every week.


I'll search for the links to power calculators, to figure more precisely how much load I've got. Is it reasonable power supply behavior to work for a week with the same usage, then completely refuse to even boot up with the same 2 sticks? I messed around a little bit with bumping up voltage from 2.6 to 2.8, didn't do any good, but i have to relearn the tweak process (it's been a year or so)


I guess your saying if I want to make it work with this PSU, I'm going to have mess with all the bios settings til I find the right ones, or prove this rig needs a beefier psu.


It would be different if it wasn't his primary computer, i'd have fun figuring it out on my own schedule.

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Pull all uneeded hardware is what fabe is saying so that it will lessen any increased load on the psu, this will tell you if your psu is on the edge or not...


If your going to need a larger capacity psu then i would wait or hold of on reinstalling until you had that covered, once you have figured which psu you are going with then i would address the memory issue....


Memtest each stick individual for a start, when that passes then boot with one stick and set timings in bios appropriate for the 2nd stick, a bit of trial and error there i think....



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