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Antec Neo HE500 not posting

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I have just upgraded from a neo he430 to a neo he500 and the system doesnt even post, the motherboard (DFI Sli-Expert)light comes on so theres power but nothing else no fans or anything.

the connectors are slightly different on the 500 to the ones that are in the manual, it comes with a 24 pin with a detachable 4 pin, a 4 pin and an eight pin(which cant be split), and the manual just shows it as 24 pin with detatchable 4 pin and an 8 pin which can be split in two.

all the power connectors were left in place and just the main psu has been swapped. i have connected the main 24 pin and the single 4 pin(in the top half of the 8 pin socket) its a single cpu.

the board boots fine on the 430


Any ideas?

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