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MSI 7900 GTO bad combination with DFI ?

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Look at this :


Old system:


Asus k8v deluxe / amd 3700+ socket 754

- Nvidia 6800 gt agp : 3d mark 2001 score: 25.691 points.



present system:


DFI NF4 sli-d / amd 4400 socket 939 dual core

- Nvidia 7900 gto pci-e: 3d mark 2001 score: 17.621 points.

3dmark03 with a score of: 18.253 (low score !!)

3dmark05 score : 6829 (low score !!)


With all the settings the same........


How the hell is this possible ????


PS: every cpu test in these benchmarks are almost half of every compatible system, is this strange or what ?? I'm running a mild overclock of 2.4 Ghz.

Did a complete frew xp install.....

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All of the tests that you're running primarily test the video, not the CPU.

Have you checked the clocking of your video card?


And, with all of the changes that you've made, I'd backup and do a repair install of windows. To do a repair install, first make sure your install disk is up to the lastest fixpak (if it's not that way already) -- google how to slipstream it. Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your MB and video card. Boot to windows, put the CD in and start it (if it doesn't autostart). Start the install. At some point, it will scan your system for current windows installs, find yours, and ask if you want a new install or to repair an existing install. Highlight your current install and tell it to repair. ALWAYS backup your important files 1st!!! (I do a complete backup!)


If the repair install didn't update your video card drivers, I'd boot to safe mode and remove all video drivers (add/remove programs) and then run drivercleaner. Reboot to safe mode and install your video drivers, reboot to safe mode one more time for the drivers to configure themselves. (This last is improtant for nvidia -- they will sometimes not configure correctly from a normal windows boot!). Now, boot to windows and see how your system runs.


How does your CPU thruput stack-up?

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