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Raid 0 after Win installation

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Ok. I had only on HD, so i installed my new win xp with all drivers, test programs ect etc etc... on it.


Now i got two nice raptors. These will be my first Raid 0 and i like it to be the main HD.


How the Hell do i get all the stuff and my perfecly running WinXP to the Raid system?


My Idea:


1. Enable raid in Bios

1a. Start Computer and install raid drivers. Shutdown.

1b. Connect the 2 Raptors to SATA 1&2. The Old one to SATA3. Start and switch 2 Bios

2. Set boot order to the old disk.

3. start windows from old disk.

3a. Hopefully see a Harddisk E: (c: is the old, d: is the dvdram)

4. run Norton Ghost 10.0 (i have that one) and copy the old Disk to the new e:


5. Switch everything off. Disconnect the old HD

6. Start Computer and set Boot order to the Raid System

6a. Hopfully start Win XP as if nothing happened :)


Do You think i can do it that way? Or are there any difficulties to expect?

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Ok. Next Problem.



Raptor 1 at SATA3

Raptor 2 at SATA4


Main Boot HD at SATA 1



SATA 1&2 enabled

SATA 3&4 Enabled


Boot from "old Disk"

RAID at SATA 1 disabled

RAID at SATA 2 disabled

RAID at SATA 3 enabled

RAID at SATA 4 enabled


Raid utility:

Made a healthy Raid with both Raptors. Looks normal. Did NOT set to Boot!




Booting starts normal into Windows.

Looking into Device Manager, i can see both Raptors ?!?! Shouldn´t there be only one "Raid Thing"?


I dont know how thois Menue "Computerverwaltung" is in english... the Menu where you can format an integrate new harddisks to the system...


there a although two Harddisks... WTF


I would like to see just 1. withe the space of two.


Anyone an Idea

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