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rough overclock, any pointers please


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So after a little overclocking and a bit of muddling my way through and reading all the guides, here is what i have according to cpu-z


core speed 2700mhz

multiplier 9

htt 300.1mhz

voltage 1.400



on the ram, which is 4 x 512 corsair xms 250mhz ( i overclocked with 2 sticks at 1T, then added the other two after it was stable


fsb:dram cpu/12

cas latency 3

ras to cas delay 3

ras pre charge 3

cycle time 6 clocks

bank cycle time 7

command rate 2T

dram idle timer 256 clocks



The actual overclock was, set in bios


fsb bus frequency 300mhz

ldt/fsb frequency ratio x3

cpu/fsb frequency ratio x3

cpu vid control 1.500 volts


dram frequency 150: 03/04




the graphics card was set using ati cataylst overdrive to


gpu 689mhz

memory 783mhz



I think the ram could be performing better as its claimed to be tested to 250mhz. The computer seemed to overclock better with 2 sticks at !T and then when that was done add the other two and all is well. So any body spot anything i should change. The cpu maintains about 30 degrees idle and 32 under load.


Thanks people

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I just kept it clean on the build, i didnt change the thermal compond and made sure the cables are tidy, the psu is modular cables which is good. the graphics card has a good cooler which is on the other side and directs the air out the back as opposed to over the cpu. the case has plenty of fans, even stress testing only gets it to 40 degress and it drops back real quick.

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