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Weird Super Pi Issue


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So, I start messing with my o/c again to try to get back up where I was with my Ultra-D (2706), currently stable at 2640 with my Expert. I have two folders with SuperPi and two shortcuts. I bump up the HTT to 242, a whopping two from my stable setting. I start SuperPI for each core, set affinity, and try 32m...boom it fails immediately getting the initial values. I'm thinking....immediately? I go back to my stock settings that was Prime stable for 18 hours. It also failed immediately on SuperPi getting the initial values. Huh?


I look at my shortcuts and they both are pointing to two different folders and executables. I click on each executable in each folder, set affinity, and go for 32m. It finishes with no error. So, I go back into the BIOS and up the HTT 2 and run SuperPI by clicking on the exe in each folder amd attempt the 32m and it finishes in like 29:30 (finally under 30).


WTH. Is Windows tring to run two instances of SuperPI from the same folder? That HAS to be why it was failing. Here are the shortcuts:





Don't tell me shortcuts affect your o/c. There has to be some logical explanation. No, I didn't set affinity to the same core for both instances.

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