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Had problems, now sound doesn't work right...

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Alright so here's what happened, I'm a bit stumped and I would greatly appreciate all your help.


I bought an NVsilencer, and took out my video card to install it, but realized I didn't have a screwdriver small enough to remove the screws for taking off the stock cooler. So I put it back, plugged everything back in, started up, and couldn't get it to boot. The diagnostic LEDs were difficult to read as well: instead of counting down to one, only one LED would turn off, but it would blink back on at seemingly random intervals. After a 5-10 seconds of this weird intermittent blinking, all the LEDs except for one would turn off and I would hear a long, but wavering, beep, followed by nothing.


I tried clearing CMOS and all that, to no avail; the only thing that finally worked was switching my RAM to the yellow slots (it was in the orange slots before). After a few more issues that somehow resolved themselves, i FINALLY got it booted into Windows, and I restarted a few times to make sure the problems were fixed, and it appeared they were.


Except for the sound. Now, my rear stereo jack only works for the right speaker. I am getting no sound from the left speaker. Plugging in headphones has the same result. The front headphone jack works fine, but I realized that the front jack doesn't work when I have speakers plugged in in the back; that is, I was not getting sound at all in my headphones when they were plugged into the front jack while speakers are plugged in the back.


Before the video card catastrophe, everything worked fine. Any clues as to how this happened? Or why it would happen?


I appreciate anyone who reads this obnoxiously long post. Thanks a lot.

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