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Small karajan module mod

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Now, I haven't looked at the module itself yet to figure out whether this is physically feasible or not (my Evercool chipset fan is coming in the mail next week and I figure I'd rather remove my board only once), but...


Does anybody see anything obviously bad about using a conductive ink pen to connect the traces for the "Line out_" and "Line out__front" pins? (i.e., connect pin 9 to 10, and connect pin 5 to 6). Out of the box, they're jumpered, which pushed the signal to the back port. I have an Aerocool Coolpanel 2 and would like to hook up the line out jack on it, but still leave the back one functional.

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What I always do to keep the bridge in any motherboard onboard audio is to use the jumpers as a bridge, and connect the front panel audio to them.


Using the cables from an old case, which btw I have like 6 around here, cutting the HDD led and Power led ones... soldering both cables on each connector together to form some sort of solid pin out of them, and using these two connectors on the onboard audio (or Karajan module) replacing the original jumpers so the back panel audio keeps working. Then use the front panel connnector on the soldered cables end I just made so the front panel is connected too.


Some computer cases / front panel controllers already have a bridge to connect to both pins, maybe this Aerocool has this one and you won't loose the back panel audio signal. If not try something like what I just described, which is simpler and not permanent like using the conductive ink pen.


Good luck

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