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Anyone Overclock a NewCastle 3200+

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I'm new to overclocking, and i'm curious what kind of stable speeds people have gotten with a NewCastle 3200+ cpu. i am aircooled and in the desert southwest(so temps are warmer than normal already) but have idle cpu temps of around 35 C. full loaded temps are around 10 C higher.


i'm just looking for a reasonible benchmark, not suicide speed. if anyone has had success OCing the 3200+ can you please list your ram timings and other info so i can get a good baseline. thanks


BTW, i already ran a search and checked out the OC database :cool:

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I have a 3500+ Newcastle, but 939 (one of the first ones out) and it has a stock speed of 2.2 ghz at 1.5 volts. Increasing the vcore to the max, something a little more than 1.6v with this motherboard I have (MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum) I was able to reach 2.55 ghz. This was done using a Thermalright XP-90, and the CPU reached mid 50's Celcius in winter; temperatures here are hotter in summer than where you live, but winter are ok with sub zero ones.


In the case of my 3500+ NC, the maximum overclock was 2.55 ghz on all the reviews I read... more would require very agressive cooling. People reached 2.8 ghz but with phase change cooling and a ton of voltage.


I am not sure if its the same thing this and your 754, but one thing you could do to improve things is to use a better heatsink... if you are using the stock AMD one right now. The Thermalright is one of the best choice available, if you want to try increasing the overclock you will require something like that to cool your cpu properly.


Good luck

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