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solved oc problems

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I've been having an issue with this board for the last 2 mths or so

as far as stability and system oc ability


I was using Patriot pc4800 xblk 1gb dc kit

and a 3800 venice

seems that my max on the system was 11x260 at 3 5 5 10 1t

anything else and totally unstab


I tried every combination on earth


I was convinced that the 3800 was the bottleneck

but I figured I would call Patriot anyway

they offered to send me another set and would test it prior to.


anyway I put it in and totally new animal

at stock spd settings 9x310 1T

3800 v 1.55 +7

ram v=2.92


the old ram didn't crash at 11x260 but wouldn't even boot at rated speed

:nod: Thanks for all the help

I read the forum every night for information


rock stable

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