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Reinstall win xp pro with RAID O setup

Guest sweeper_merged

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Guest sweeper

I'm having a strange problem trying to reinstall win xp pro. I've format and created new partition for both drives, but windows will not complete the installation.....windows stops and I have to reboot. This is the steps I go through....see what I'm doing wrong.


1. Boot from CD

2. Load RAID driver

3. Delete partition

4. Create new C: partition

5. Format partition

6. System reboot

7. Boot from CD

8. Load Raid driver

9. Try to install window....says windows is installed

10. continue install anyway

11. window starts, but will not complete


After many attemps to install windows, I tried resetting BIOS to default, hoping this would make a difference. Now my computer will not boot up to window screen. I've reinstalled windows many times on this system, but now its been impossible to install. I don't understand why it says windows is installed, when I've deleted the partition and format both drives. Also, after I go through all the steps to formating drives, it shows C: RAW partition 141808 mb and underneath unpartition 8 mb. I tried to delete the 8 mb unpartition, but it states it is reserved for windows setup.


Any ideas......sure need some help here.



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You have enabled the Raid Controller in your bios correct? I haven't used my board for raid SATA yet so i don't know if you need to create an Array first before installing Windows or not, but also check if your memory is set correctly with the proper voltage and timings along with the processor. run Memtest86 to see if your memory is stable and has no problems. You can "Enable" Memtest86 through the bios in "Geni Menu" all the way down at the bottom. When it boots past POST it will automatically go into Memtest to check your memory for errors. This will help before install Windows for any file corruptions and BSOD. If you're running Raid-0 when entering windows setup it should just see on harddrive (both harddrives capacity adds together). Good luck and i hope this helps....

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