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Can't Get into BIOS-Restarts

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I just RMA'd some RAM that I was having problems with, I found some errors on it. So finally I got some new stuff back and stuck it in, ran a memtest flawlessly, and everything was great. Then I went to set back up my overclocking (while my RAM was being RMA'd I had to use some spare stuff that wouldn't overclock) and had no problems at a HTT of 255 putting my CPU at 2678MHz (multiplier of 10.5) and my RAM at 243MHz (2.5-3-3-8). I then try and get it to go 2 MHz faster; no luck. So I figure why not just stop at 255, thats plenty. Unfortunately it doesn't boot- Common for overclocking too far- so I reset the BIOS. Now it passes POST and I go to enter the BIOS with the delete key, and it restarts instead. Now this happens everytime, it boots fine with only my main drive connected (since it is trying to boot off of the otherone if its connected since the settings are all at defaults).


I have flashed the BIOS with WinFlash (dont have a floppy) more times than I care to count. Each time I selected to flash the entire thing, not just the main block and I have cleared it each time. I checked out the PSU by connecting another, that didn't work but I think thats because it was a crappy 200ish watt emachine PSU. I have also done several short hour long CMOS clears (the kind described here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24) as well as one overnight.


Like I said, works fine unless I want to enter the BIOS to set anything how its supposed to be. Thanks for the help.

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