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PCIE problem

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Okay here goes, was blasting air con yesterday trying to see if i can get a nice bench score wif my new 6800gs... the optimal freq brought the card to 521/1290 and temps were cool, below 30 idle, benched n got some artifacts so i was tinkin of restartin and goin to bios to up my cpu and lower my gfx... after restart the board cant seem to detect my display wif my gfx @ pcie slot 1 .... when i change my gfx to pcie 4 everything goes fine... am using dfi nf4 ultra-d here, pcie 4 only x2 by default -.- ... card can still do 505 @ normal room temp on the pcie x2... tried resitting it like dozens of times and there was once it was detected but windows shows its bus as pcie x4 rather then x16.... anyway, when i sit my card in the pcie 1 and power up, the 4 diagnostic leds lit, and the 1st one kept blinking for about 15 secs before it goes off, followed by 1 long and 2 short beeps when the 3rd led goes off... hmm, anyway, when i dun put my card in any slots, the leds go off 1 by 1 till 3rd 1 go off then the beeps come out... but when i sit my card in pcie 1 the 1st led blinks on and off for abt 15secs b4 the leds go off 1 by 1...


would appreciate some help on what might seem to be @ fault -.-

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