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BenchMarks and PSU rail measurements


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I cleaned up the layout then realized this thread is nothing without screen caps for verification.


The PSU rail measurements will have to be taken with a multi-meter to actually mean something.




This thread is about Synthetic Benchmark Performance and PSU Rails.


I will start:


Sisoft Sandra 2005:

CPU Arithmetic Benchmark:

Dhrystone ALU 18053 MIPS

Whetstone iSSE3 8332 MFLOPS


CPU Multi-Media Benchmark:

integer x4 aEMMX/aSSE 37629 it/s

Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 41386 it/s


Memory Bandwidth Benchmark:

RAM Bandwidth Int Buff'd iSSE2 5194MB/s

RAN Bandwidth float Buff'd iSSE2 5126MB/s


OCZ PS 520W:



ATX +5.0V: 5.21V

DRAM: 2.65V

ATX +12V: 12.28V

NB +1.5V: 1.52V

ATX +3.3V: 3.34V


3D Marks 05: 7100

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