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I noticed that you guys use a single post in the forums as a "database" for overclocking results. I would like to offer a project I just threw together in a few hours as a supplement to the detail found in that post.




If you add a stepping, begin by adding the stock speeds. The first time a stepping is entered, it will assume the values you entered are stock speeds. If you must remove a listing (maybe you entered your OC speeds as the defaults), you can "search" for your stepping and click "Remove Stepping from OCDB".


If all you want to do is view the system, you can search for stepping "CCBWE 0529" since that is the stepping I had on my 4400+. While the system does record the CPU type, it does not record the socket type, specific core, and it does not display the CPU type to the user.


If you want the raw data, you can go to http://agenthex.com/ocdb/cpu/data/


Yes, it is housed on my local server. The index page is HTML, but the others are PHP.


Let me know how this works for you guys! If you guys like this, I may find a way to add some graphs to indicate what steppings do best. Bug reports can be PM'ed to me, but since this is not a major project, I don't really care if it's a bit buggy.

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