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OC'd Again.. :)

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Well... after getting my new swiftie and delta in, I felt it was time for some OC action... :) ..I had to un OC before due to temp...


Well, my little P3 933Mhz is now running at 1.02Ghz... delta 87Mhz... not bad, but can't I get more outa it?


I'm running the Asus TUA266... I remember someone else had the same mobo, and proc that I've got, just don't remember who and how high they got it to.... so if that's you, and you read this... let me know! :D


Also, I'm looking for a new tower... something nice, with room to play, and not to expensive... suggestions? - I've currently got some generic 9 bay tower, that just ain't gonna cut it... and I need something so I can improve air flow.

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that was me!!!!


I have the p3 @933 tua266 mobo..


like isaid watch out for that second to last PCI slot.. it comes out on ya! lol..


ASUS sent me my new bord a while ago.. I just havent put it together.. I dont htink I will.. Im buzy buying stuff for my new system..


N e ways..


I got the 933 to 1051Mhz


I got it up to 107 but it was unstable..


I dident up the Vcore.. and I had a crap heatsink on there..

SO d0 it sir! I know u can atleast get 105 :P


g00d luck!

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